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Who is Paul Brundell?

Spring 2011 Parade Home

Spring 2011 Parade Home

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood of winding streets, sunny lawns, and wooded backyards, there's an Allan Custom Home that's a gem of architectural beauty. Even from the curb, the home is unique, with its low-pitched roofline, clerestory windows, and stunning horizontal lines that borrow from Prairie style architecture.

"These owners had a vision," says Paul Brundell, President of Allan Custom Homes, who built the home. "They started with a newspaper clipping of a home they loved, and from there, we worked intensively with them."

Although it can yield spectacular results, the intensive process of building a custom home isn't for everyone. "There's a financial component in building a custom home and there's a time component," says Brundell. "But many people don't realize that there's an emotional component, too."

"Some people have a miserable experience with building a home," he says. "If you ask them about it, they'll say they were misled about the cost of the project, or that communication was slow to non-existent." Knowing these frustrations exist, Allan Custom Homes has made a commitment to doing as much as they can to smooth out the roller coaster of emotions that a custom home client may experience. "We strive to improve ourselves, our processes, our product, and our client's experience," says Brundell.

Clear and honest communication is foremost for Allan Custom Homes. Brundell conducts in-depth seminars for anyone interested in finding out more about the custom home building process. Anyone who is ready to work with Allan Custom Homes will then have the opportunity to determine what their home might look like, what amenities it might have, and what design elements might be included. Brundell makes sure clients are part of this journey.

"We tell people that there's a lot of work that goes into this process," says Brundell, who considers a large part of his job to be the education of his clients. "We want clients to have a say in how they spend their money." Brundell says he often gives his clients "homework" during the design phase. "I'll ask them to come up with a list of the amenities they just can't live without," he says.

During the building phase of the process, clients are kept informed about the work being done on the home through an online project management program. "It captures all the communication being sent out about the home," explains Brundell. "The clients each get their own logins and they can check on the process at any time, 24/7."

Close attention to client needs and project details has helped Allan Custom Homes create homes with special touches. In one home, a lower-level space was created underneath the front stoop, adding an extremely durable room that could be used as a storm shelter. Brundell determined that the constant 55-60 degree temperature of such a room would be perfect for a wine cellar. The homeowners, who loved to entertain friends, were delighted with this unique touch.

Sometimes, Brundell's background as an engineer can help him advocate for his clients' design goals. One client wanted a balcony looking over the great room, but the floor designer said it couldn't be done. "I said 'you can do that,'" says Brundell. "It was really a matter of some simple laws of mechanics and choosing the right materials." The balcony, which is cantilevered over the great room, adds an elegant touch to the client's home.

A client's son inspired another special touch. "He said that his sisters were always taking his stuff," says Brundell. "We were creating a built-in for his room, and we designed secret compartments that only he would know about."

Brundell's certification as a Green Professional and Age-in-Place Specialist help him meet clients' needs for sustainable and long-lasting homes. In a recent home, he made sure that all doors were extra wide, and that the walk-in shower had no curb so that the homeowners would be comfortable there for many years.

One important aspect to the success of Allan Custom Homes is Brundell's attention to detail. On a recent walk-through of the home-a few days before the homeowners would move in-Brundell paused frequently to make note of changes that needed to be made-grout to be cleaned from around outlets, switch plates to be aligned, weather stripping to be replaced. This attention to detail--through the entire building process--sets off an Allan Custom Home.

Whether working with clients who have a vision, or helping clients determine the design for a new home or remodel a current home, Brundell is ready to put his expertise in building, energy-efficiency, and design to work. "We think of our homeowners as partners," says Brundell. "Houses are about are about people."