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Who is Paul Brundell?

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Custom Homes

"Houses are about architectures…homes are about people."
- Paul Brundell, CGB, GMB, CGP, CAPS

There are several reasons that people chose to build a custom home.  However, there is one common theme—they want something that specifically meets their family needs.  A common misconception people have about custom homes is that they cost more.  That is not always the case!  The reality is that as the homeowner, you have control regarding where you want to spend your money.   If there are specific areas that are very important to you, such as energy efficiency or oversized trim, you have the ability to spend more in those areas, cutting back in areas that are less important to your family.

The biggest question we get from people thinking about building is, “Where do I start”?

There are a couple of options depending on how familiar you are with the building process.

OPTION 1:  For those that have never built before:
We offer FREE, one-on-one consultation for first time builders. We discuss the steps in the construction process, questions to ask potential builders, financing options, design options, ways to increase energy efficiency, things to consider when building and give you the opportunity to ask any specific questions about your potential project. After this consultation, you can continue on to either Option 2 or 3. Give us a call at 319-447-6019 or email us at to set up your FREE consultation.

OPTION 2:  For those that are unsure about how to get what they want, within their budget:
We will work with you in conjunction with a designer or architect to design a home that meets your family’s needs, within your specified budget.  We will start by meeting with you to get high level requirements to make sure your initial ideas are consistent with your budget.  After we have determined that what you want is feasible, we will start designing your home.  After we have an initial plan, we will work with you to gather basic amenities and start pricing your project.  The biggest benefit to working as partners is to avoid most surprises because we have been involved since the beginning and have been educating you along the way.

OPTION 3:  For those that know what they want and are confident it is within their budget:
There are several designers or architects that we can refer you to work with.  They are very good at designing exactly what you tell them you want.  After your design is complete, we will work with you to determine the amenities you want and price your project. 

If you are unsure about the benefits or drawbacks of each option, we would be happy to discuss these with you.  We think of our homeowners as partners, and feel it is our responsibility to educate you making you smarter buyers!

Give us a call to discuss your project.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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